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The first thing to know is that trading stocks for money is not a new business. The first big market crash was in 1968 that had a direct effect on stock prices. When the stock market collapsed, it was because investors, particularly Wall Street banks, had been reckless and had been gambling with the money they brought to bear. But people always keep trading so they can buy what the market is going crazy over as fast as possible.

So it takes time to really capitalize on the boom, right?

I don’t know about that. People keep trading after the market crashes, and that’s called a cycle. It takes about three years for it to come to an end; it takes about three years for it to come to a full stop. You don’t have to be a forecaster. You can be a patient bear; you know that when the market is going bad and you get caught up in it, you might lose some money, but you can sell at something like the end of the cycle or before the peak and get a big profit. That’s called patience — a really good trader.

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