How do I choose a stock for swing trading? – Best Options Trading Course Review

If you don’t know enough about how to choose the right stock based on its short-term movements, then you are not ready to work in stock market strategy.

While it is important to realize the fact that each individual market and stock market has its own trend, and therefore unique short-term movements in the index or market itself, I prefer a stock selection based on:

1) Market capitalization to gauge the overall market cap

2) Average daily closing price. I try to get the best possible price from the most recent price in the last one hour.
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3) Daily closing volume of the most recent day’s trading volume.

Now that you know what I like to look for, let’s go over my stock selection.

Here is my Top 10, 10 stocks with the highest and lowest weekly closing prices for the last 1, 2 or 3 days.

1. Gilead Sciences (GLD)

Current closing price: $84.37

Lowest price: $45.58

Latest closing price change: -1.06%

Latest Volume Change: +18.03%

Lowest Volume Change per day: +0.31% (11 day period)

The highest weekly closing price, and current lowest price are just right to get in on the GLD high. It is possible to trade the GLD market with low prices while making a profit of +10%. I have traded GLD stocks and made a profit of +13%. Now, let me explain GLD stock selection.

On the 1st of each month, I make a 10% stop loss when I do not know what the stock will do tomorrow. On the 9th of November, I sell GLD stock at the market low. On the 11th of November, I sell at the next stop loss that day if my stop loss loss was not enough, and buy GLD at the next stop loss that day if my stop loss was not enough for the previous day. Since GLD is my stock choice, GLD is the highest potential entry point to a market with high potential market cap, and low daily volume. This would have made it the perfect entry point to the GLD market, even if the market cap did not have the potential for great returns.

2. Coca-Cola Co (KO)

Current closing price: $77.49

Lowest price: $39.99


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