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You can cancel any or all swings from any stock or commodity. It doesn’t matter if you bought 100 shares and then sold them in 15 hours. You can cancel any transaction that was on the order book and hasn’t closed yet. If you decide you would like to sell some of your shares, you have 60 days to do so. If you decide not to change what you want to buy, you can wait until that time, and if you want to get something back you just have to wait another 60 days. You can only cancel the trades that you’ve already made. If you do cancel a trade, you will receive a full refund of all the amount that has been paid for the order.

If you want to stop the trades right away and no one knows about it, you could contact your broker (who will probably ask to see some evidence of the cancellation, and you can then be sued by the person you canceled the trade with). Here is a tip:

If you cancel an order, the brokerage firm doesn’t get any money for canceling the trades. However, they do get some compensation for the time that you spent on the order. The brokerage firm could then be put on the hook for the price swings you caused. The broker gets paid the difference if the trading volume and the number of customers that ordered the trades exceeds how much they were paid.

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