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This is just a little bit of fun, I’d say. This was written up as a series of questions from the Reddit /r/PizzaIdeas subreddit.

I’ve never been a pizza fan, but I enjoy watching professional MMA fights, and watching them with my family. What if we tried creating the best pizza ever in the world, without the use of any natural substances?

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The pizzas are going to be made on a machine with water, salt, pepper, yeast, and other ingredients that go into the final product, and we’d take the pizza to the people in the crowd to have them try it by taking turns with a fork, etc. (I suppose you could take a fork and eat the toppings too, but I really don’t like the idea of eating a pizza topped with nuts, and I don’t like taking a fork out of my hand while I’m eating. Maybe a pizza could be made by having the toppings on the knife tip, but the pizza would be just like eating a piece of a real pizza.)

To be honest, I’d be willing to eat anything. I think it’d be awesome.

Do any of you have any idea what we’d need to do to make this pizza possible, or do you have an idea to get us there?

If I was a pizza maker, I’d make the food as hard as possible, so it would last longer, since it would require more effort. A hard, dry pizza would probably also be better, as I imagine it would only be a few pieces. An easy one would probably be some kind of cheese pizza or some kind of chicken. The real challenge would probably be in the toppings and the pizza ingredients. I wouldn’t necessarily use any natural ingredients. For example, I don’t think you could get an amazing chicken pizza with only lettuce and tomatoes, because tomatoes, in general, require more work than lettuce. For the toppings I’d probably go with whole wheat or white pasta. A pasta pizza would probably need some kind of wheat flour as the binding agent. (Or rice flour if it’s all about pasta. I’d also definitely add tomato sauce just to get a tomato flavor.)

Would the toppings need to be completely natural? Maybe some kind of artificial yeast would be used, for example. Or artificial ingredients such as MSG, or some kind of MSG alternative for any ingredients that may not be natural

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