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Is the intraday trading space competitive and are there brokers and platforms to invest? I’m doing an MBA to become an intraday trader and am looking to have some advice but I’m not sure how to start or what to expect.

We live in a world where the market gets more volatile throughout the day than I’m used to and there’s no guarantee that I’ll ever make a profit. But one of the best parts of an intraday trading career is that there is no “market correction”. I find that most of the time the “market corrections” I get to experience are pretty subtle. As I said in the introduction, the idea that our markets are going to crash at any moment makes me very nervous. However, I don’t anticipate one happening this year. Instead, after the second quarter ends and the quarter leading to the next is pretty stable, I hope I get lucky and I’ll not have to deal with any serious market crashes all year.

How I became a broker…

I first joined Intraday, then called Tradesource, when I was working for a small brokerage and it was in its infancy. When I joined Intraday, we had only 10 desks spread across the U.S., which was kind of the definition of small. At the time we just did a lot of small trades and trades were typically smaller than an average brokerage would. At the time, we ran a little bit of a trade-to-buy order book but it just wasn’t doing anything for trading.

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Intraday was a one-time business and we got acquired by Tradesource in 1994. In 1994, we had about 150 employees.

When Tradesource was acquired by TradeKing, it was really a small and scrappy operation that had been a small operation under Intraday before. TradeKing bought us from Intraday and we were then able to move onto another business which was TradeKing and now TradeKing is a major brokerage.

Now a lot has changed since 1994 — and this is probably one of the reasons this blog is on the market — but a lot has not

In the early years, we dealt with a lot of different people at Intraday. At first we just ran all of our own customer trades and as they were added we’d add the customer trades. In the mid-80’s, Tradesource was acquired by TradeKing and we ended up getting a lot of customer trades added so we ended up

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