Do swing traders make money? – Swing Trading Live Forex

It’s a question with no real answer, except to say that there are some people who make money and they make money by having a bad day in the market and then selling stocks on the cheap. This seems to be true of a lot of trading but not of the most successful traders. Why is this? Because there are always a few people who have more than their fair share of bad trading day after day, while the rest of us just shrug and take the good news that comes our way. So how do we spot these trading gurus and why do we do it? Here are three different things to look for when identifying a potential trader.

The first sign is the trade is cheap. Do they get great returns on those trades? Sure they do. But the next major signal is the trades volume. This is a key statistic that indicates either a strong trading week or a strong market. If the volume is low and the trades are small then the person who has an advantage is likely a weak trader so they are not very likely to trade. So what is the second sign? What makes a trader different?

1. The amount of liquidity in the market

We all know that there is a lot of volatility in markets and we all know that sometimes it can be very hard for someone to go long on the market. There have been times when the market has crashed or been in a bear market and we can’t even find someone who has missed in on a good trade. If you had lost in the market and were desperate you would have seen trading in an effort to find that long term winner in a very short timeframe. The more liquid the market, the more likely the person is to trade in order to do well. So what is a good trade to do in the market? Make the most money in a short timeframe. You are usually going to win in the long term. So the more cash you make trading, the more likely you are to go long. Here are some easy ways to do this in the market.

2. The strength of the stock market

Another important part of identifying a trader is the strength of the stock market. In a strong market, every position you take has significant risk to the return potential. You might start with a position that looks like a good long term position because it is profitable until the market crashes. After a few weeks of that trading, you lose a lot of money because there is no good money to be had in a poor market. However, don’t forget

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