Can I make a living trading stocks?

Yes of course. But it’s a difficult and expensive profession — trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange requires a minimum of 2,700 options positions — and you have to start trading within seconds of your trading day. Trading stocks takes time. So you have to be a long-term trader who has been able to hold it all.

If you want to trade stocks, look for a trading company that offers a program that requires no prior trading experience!

Do you know about the best buy and sell algorithms for stocks?

There are so many. Most trade engines, brokerages, and other financial service providers have their own proprietary algorithms but most are the same.

You can only do something good with good information but it is only as good as the source. The best way to make money is to gather as much information — data and historical returns — as you can but don’t give up the data too easily.

Which stocks have the best buying and sales fundamentals?

You would have to be in the stock for the long term. It can’t be “cashed in” over short periods of time. If you are in a buy and sell market or you are looking to buy a stock, you want to purchase undervalued companies (the ones below the 50-day moving average) to lower the price of the underlying stock.

A. J. Newhouse Company

The stock is down almost 80% since inception (the first issue sold) and is down nearly 60% for the past quarter.

Buy low and sell high, right?

The company’s history and recent history are mixed to say the least . . . .

On December 4, 1986, Mr. Newhouse, Jr., bought 40,000 shares of A.J. Newhouse Company, Inc. [Nasdaq:A.JNY] at $3.30, paying $30 (net) for each share. The last price that Mr. Newhouse would sell the shares at was $15, or about $30 today. A. J. Newhouse Company traded at less than 1/60th of its $18.05 purchase price — or about 50% fewer shares than the original stock. As Mr. Newhouse sold out of shares of A.J. Newhouse Company, the company’s stock price plunged 20% on the 5th of December 1986. The stock dropped so badly that Mr. Newhouse was forced to purchase a share on the open