Which country grows the most saffron? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Tank Designs

Which country produces the most coconut? Which country spends the most on research? Which country spends the most on scholarships? Which country spends the most on foreign aid? Which country has the most scientific research? Which country is one of the most innovative countries? Which country has the most scientists working in their laboratories? Which country produces the greatest amount of innovation?

Well, if you are searching to the answers then you have to look at India at this point. Yes, it is the country with the highest rate of innovation of all the 10 most innovative nations that we had conducted a survey in 2017. But it is not in the top 10, and it did not make the top 12. In fact, it came second last place.

According to the latest report on Research and Development in India from United Nations Development Programme, the country is ranked 17th in terms of innovation. That placed it only behind Pakistan. India was ranked only second for the rate of innovation among OECD member countries. That too, it came down to third position of the 35 countries that we had surveyed.

India is one of the biggest consumer of imported goods. This could explain why it has the highest rate of import of goods and goods produced. This may be why they have such high rates of innovation. It is also true that they are exporting more. So as a result, it is quite possible that it is not innovating enough and it has too many gaps in its innovation potential. Therefore, the country is not innovating sufficiently. But if it does take steps to improve its innovation potential, we will take note very easily. We shall be interested to see what the country does to boost its innovation potential.

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