What’s the most expensive metal in the world? – How To Grow Saffron Indoors

I’d say nickel-chromium-tin (Ni-Ti), which weighs around 632 grams.

But wait!

You can still pick up rare and precious metals and stones in shops and online. For example, you can buy gold from a bank or dealer or mine it yourself. You could even buy diamonds and rubies for a fraction of the cost from some big mining companies or auction firms. These costs could add up fast if you plan to purchase a whole carload, like the Mercedes, for example. It’s wise to buy an investment vehicle or two to bring the total up to the max—and that’s where real-estate and mining comes in.

If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon a rock-mining operation that specializes in one type of metal. You’ll want to be familiar with each deposit and the requirements for accessing them.

The most common metals mined today are nickel, chromium, titanium, and silver. These are the ones listed in Table 1 below, but there are other metals like gold, copper, and palladium.

Table 1: Rare and precious metal deposits, by location and mineral composition
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Location Name Description Grade (G/T) Average yield (kg/metric tonne) NiTi (Ml) NiCl, Co, Ti(III) (Cr) Nickel 40–50 Ni-Cu (Al) Ni-Fe (Al) Nickel 60–65 Pm-Tn (Pb) Pb-Co (Ca) Silver 100–300 Ce Si 2 Cu 3 O 12 (Cl) Cobalt 120–200 Fe Cu 0.8–1 K (Mn) Fe C 0.05–0.7 K (Si) Palladium 300-400 Pt-Ag 0.8–1 Mg 2 CuA 4 O 10 (Mo) Palladium 300-400 Rb-Co (Al) Rb-Fe (Al) Palladium 100–200 Cr-Mg (Ca) Cr-Cu (Ce) Palladium 100–300 Cu-P (Co) Cu-Si (Fe) Palladium 100–300 Cu-Ni (Ni) Ce-Ti (Te) Cobalt 60–90 Cu Ni 0.5–0.6 Cu Zn Zn Ni 0.5–2 Cl Cr

If the total cost of the haul doesn’t make sense, compare the cost to the value you get in terms of what you will get back in return.

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