What’s the most expensive element?

The least expensive to produce: Metal

The most expensive to produce is the Metal, with a production cost of $1,000.00. However, it will only take 20,000 people to make one unit of the product. Another thing to consider is, what happens once made. What are your goals?

The most expensive element to produce is the Metal. If you are aiming for mass production and your product sells well, don’t worry all the way though. We haven’t tested it yet so don’t expect miracles to happen right away. The reason is the cost of producing this. We also didn’t have any money to pay people for their labor. The goal is to reach the best quality possible. We want to produce a metal that is perfect and safe. We’re using metal as the cheapest possible material to reduce shipping costs. If you can’t afford the mass production aspect, it will still be worthwhile to send out some freebies to show your support. This is something we’ve done for quite a while, and it pays off. Your support will help us to make this product into a reality!

How would you describe what a Kickstarter campaign is?

A Kickstarter isn’t a real product because if it is, we can’t sell it! But that doesn’t mean it can’t be made in a very reasonable time frame. We’ve tested our product and its the result we’re hoping for.

How does the project work?

We’re asking for help to develop our idea. We’ve tried a few ideas to get us started. We’ve decided to go the route of a “Kickstarter for a Metal”. That’s how the campaign will be for we’re working towards getting this metal made.

Who will benefit from this project?

Anybody willing to spend money to support something they love can afford to support the production of our project. You’ll be getting great things in exchange. For now everything is ready and the only thing that’s left is to get funded.

How can this project be stopped?

For now it’s all up to you. Once it gets funded we’ll keep everything up on our website. If you support us, we’ll keep doing it. We hope you’ll support this project too!

What if someone makes money from my pledge?

Your pledge will be collected and you’ll receive a receipt. We do our best to make sure that rewards are redeemed in exact fulfillment time but there are lots of