What’s the most expensive element? – Saffron Crocus Poisonous


What’s the least expensive element? $4,800

How much do I need to spend on my own project? $150,000 (based on the average budget you have!)

Is there a way to customize a set of wheels? Yes, the most expensive set of wheels can be custom made and there will be a link for that below, please see all of our products below for the specific details
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This is the only “real world” resource that will show the cost of the components that will be necessary to complete your project. You will need to purchase wheels in order, not including materials. These prices will reflect how much labor you will need to perform the fabrication. So, a $400 bike will cost $400 to make. All prices represent average prices for the components of those bikes. Your mileage may vary.

If I’m building a custom bike, does my bike need to be rebuilt? No. The components on your bike are as good as new and, if needed, can be rebuilt.

Is there a way to customize a frame to look good? Yes. All the frames can be customized either with a paint job or a color scheme.

Do I need a motor ? Yes. The only difference is that this bike is designed to drive a motor. The motor will require a battery that will be charged or used for starting the motor(s), or the motor may be an electric motor. This will vary depending on your project.

If I’m new to building, what’s the hardest part of the process? Building a bike. There may be some of these elements here. The hardest part will be buying the parts.

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