What is the most expensive item by weight? – Saffron Bulbs Planting Time

Our most expensive item is our pomander, which is an original pattern from our early 20th century, Italian wool sweaters that originally consisted of four sweaters.

What is the most expensive item by size?

We’re most famous for our “T-Rex” sweaters, which are a classic shape of sweater that can be sized down to fit any size man, and fit down to body mass index (BMI). Since the earliest sweaters were made to fit all over and were not designed to be slim, we thought we would expand these shapes to fit any body, from tall and thin guy to fat middle schooler.

What’s the most expensive item by price?

The most expensive item by price is definitely the T-Rex, our original sweater. This is one of the first sweaters our founders created. The pattern was a collaboration with a great friend of ours, Joe, who knew we were passionate about clothing because of the sweatshirts we wore during World War II and was a huge supporter of the military. The original T-Rex was designed with three layers of 100% wool, and the back and front of the sweater can be custom ordered with 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, or 2″ widths depending on the size in a way that fits your body and style. This item is the most expensive item by price. It retails for as much as $1,400.

How come your shirts do not include our slogan and logo — do they?

We are not an apparel company — we sell clothing for men. If your shirt does not fit well, we want to help you. We are working all the time on adding the slogan and logo to our other clothing items. We also add an extra layer of quality to all our other items so if you are having a particular problem we can fix it for you. If you really want it, you can go to our store and have a look inside — you can also message us and we’ll give you an idea of how we want to go about it. Just go to our shop and click on shirt design and size.

What does the phrase “Make My Groin Hard” mean to you?

Some friends of mine were on a road trip and got bored, so they sent us a joke from a song called “Make My Groin Hard.” We have decided to put it up on our website as a tribute to the hard work you’re putting into

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