What is the cheapest Spice? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seed Designs

I tried the cheapest spice to find what is the cheapest Spice, It worked really good, its not expensive. I found that a teaspoon of this Spice has a price of £0.03

What you can do with a spice?

There are a few ways to use a spice! There are spices you must buy as you will need them and some you may not ever need.

1.- Smell: A spice can smell pretty good, I’m looking for a sweet fragrant, citrusy smell and I have some of these on my counter.

2.- Taste: A spice can taste really good, I like some of my Spice to have a slight nutty flavor as I enjoy them toasted.

3.- Add the flavour: This adds a lot to the spice. I’m wondering if this can be added into the water as a way to flavor certain water you have in the house?

If you would like to know a little more about your spice and where to look for more information on particular spice you would be appreciated to email

the Spice Man at [email protected]

From Team Fortress Wiki

This article is about the Classic weapon. For the weapon of the same name in Mann vs. Machine mode, see “Plasma Pistol”.

— The Soldier firing the Plasmagun Plasmagun, good weapon. ”

The Plasmagun is a Classic weapon that grants a single-handed explosion. On close range, the blast of the Plasma Pistol will knock back any targets it hits.

This weapon was released as a drop from the Mann Co. Store, a Classic Weapon Box and the Classic Mystery Box.

Taunting with the Plasmagun equipped will cause the plasmagun to activate, giving the player a two second blast radius with the Plasma Pistol. This is useful if a player is attempting to shoot someone, however, the explosion can still be dodged.

The ammo count is 1 per burst: 1 per shot, and 2 per burst after that if the player has not fired the Plasmagun’s weapon.

Damage and function times

Damage and function times Shot type Hitscan Damage type Bullet Ranged or Melee damage? Ranged Damage Base damage 100% 30 Critical 63 Mini-crit 11 Medium blast 12-20 Extended blast 19 Function times Attack interval 0.5 s Values are approximate and determined by community testing.

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