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When buying pepper, you will mainly get the most cost effective brand like ketchup, mayo, mayonnaise, mustard, or even vinegar. However, if you want to mix in some other popular condiments like salsa, onion rings, pickles, or other condiments, you will have to pay a little extra to get more.

For example if you wanted a big bottle of ketchup plus a bag of mayo, you’ll have to pay over $10 for these.

This applies to other common condiments like onion rings, pickles, mustard or even vinegar, which all can be costly as well.

One other thing that makes the spice section so expensive? It is mostly filled with white powder. The cheapest kind of white powder is not that much more than the normal pepper. However, the high cost of white spices make the spice section the most expensive food section we have on the blog.

When buying a can of white pepper from a Chinese grocery store, you might get a can of white pepper for around $2.50. You will rarely get a can of red pepper, even if it is priced on the same level as the white pepper.

This means at most, you will get white pepper for around $3.50 per can of white pepper. If you buy in bulk, you may get a can of red for $2.75, so you’ll only pay $4.05 for that can, leaving you only $1.55, or even less, for the can of white pepper.

Where can I purchase the cheapest black pepper?

When it comes to buying black pepper, you will mainly be shopping at Chinese grocery stores, as they are typically better than American grocery stores and will have more variety of these pepper powders. Most of the stores that carry black pepper will also carry pepper powder, and if you have an Asian grocery store near you, they will likely carry all of the different brands. They will probably also have the spices in the grocery store that make up this type of pepper on top of them.

On Amazon they typically have both the red and white pepper powder. For more, you can check out the top 10 most commonly used spices on Amazon.

For more information about pepper powders, see the section: What Is the Best Pepper Powder?

Whole wheat flour and white wheat flour

In China, whole wheat flour (soylent) is highly regarded as the cheapest food

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