What is the best time to plant saffron bulbs?

When the temperature dips below 30-degrees Celsius, saffron bulbs may need to be watered more often than when they are hot. So, it’s best to plant the bulbs at this time, but it is also better when they are hot to water them.

How can I clean and preserve the flower?

Saffron flower is very delicate, so it requires attention to preserve it. For the best results, keep the flower in a separate container from any other plants that you plan to plant it in.

For best results, keep the flower in a separate container from any other plants that you plan to plant it in. If the flower you want to preserve is too big to fit into small pots (and it’s not a flowering plant that you want to grow), you can cut it open.

What are the best colors to preserve the saffron bulb?

As a general rule, you’ll want saffron bulbs to retain their color through the first year or two. Therefore, it’s best to protect your saffron bulbs at this time by keeping them in an area that does not get the light that they need to preserve their color.

What are some tips for caring for saffron bulbs?
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If your saffron flower is beginning to look dull or discolored, you should consider planting in a light, sunny spot. If too many bulbs are dying, try to pick the most healthy ones to save the others.

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