What happens if you eat too much saffron? – Saffron Growing Season In Pakistan

Saffron (Astragalus membranaceus), the spice that is so sought after in Indian cooking, gets contaminated with the disease cholera when it’s put in water. The only sure way to avoid cholera is to avoid water that comes into contact with it. But if a person drinks a lot of water, they may get cholera. Drinking too little water or taking too long to drink will also lead to cholera.

Some doctors believe cholera is a bacterial infection, but other doctors say it’s caused by sewage water or by contaminated food products. A simple test done on cholera patients shows that there is a greater than 99% chance of cholera. Cholera infections are most likely to occur in people who eat raw fruits like fruits from the mustard family, fruits from the mustard family and mangoes. People who have a high blood infection or high levels of certain proteins called thrombocytopenia are also at an increased risk for cholera. A healthy diet can help prevent cholera.

People who are pregnant or nursing can be at an increased risk for developing severe cholera. Drinking or taking other liquid during pregnancy can also cause severe diarrhea in your baby, leading to pneumonia (pneumonic plague) and severe dehydration.

There is an alternative treatment for severe cholera: In India, people who suffer from very severe cholera may be admitted to a hospital for six to nine weeks. The treatment usually consists of a large dose of antibiotics.

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Are all Indian restaurants open 24 hours?

Yes, all Indian restaurants are open 24 hours. But there are differences in which kinds of restaurants are open and when. Most Indian restaurants have a large breakfast menu, such as “kababs” or “bhurji.” These provide snacks that include vegetables, egg yolks and sometimes fruit. This is a good food when you need energy in the morning. In some restaurants, the menu ends with a traditional Indian dessert known as kulcha. In others, it doesn’t end. Sometimes it lasts longer.

There are many more Indian restaurants in Delhi or abroad. Visit to find Indian restaurants near you. The National Restaurant Association of India has information about all Indian restaurants.

What should I do if my child loses too much weight?

If your child gains too much weight, it is very important for him or her to go

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