What conditions does Saffron need to grow?

Saffron has a great place in your spice blends. It’s essential in many of the recipes of this world, and you can still find it at a bargain price in the spice aisle of most supermarkets or specialty stores. Just keep it in the refrigerator or you can give it a quick soak in water prior to use.

Is Saffron safe to eat?

Saffron is safe to eat if there is at least some amount of salt and no other ingredients that could possibly cause allergies or irritations. In fact, the spice can be enjoyed by everybody since it tastes like salt and is an excellent flavor for any of your favorite foods. Just keep this in mind if you are a sensitive person that can become allergic to things that taste salty.

How do I make Saffron tea?

Like many traditional herbs for teas, saffron is used to make herbal preparations that can take the place of food-borne germs.

To make saffron tea, just rinse and crush the leaves in a tea mill. Bring the water, the crushed leaves, and the dry leaves to a boil and reduce by half until it tastes like you would expect from natural saffron.

Once the water has arrived, add the green cardamom and the saffron seeds and stir to dissolve the compounds together.

Enjoy your Saffron tea!

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