Should Saffron be refrigerated?

Yes, it should be. It needs to be refrigerated by the store you are ordering from. It probably will spoil in the refrigerator. Saffron should not be eaten raw due to its ability to cause stomach upsets.

Will food be contaminated if saffron is not refrigerated?

Food can be contaminated with some type of bacteria. Saffron works by breaking down food particles into amino acids. These proteins have the potential to cause food poisoning. However, some of the toxins in saffron are destroyed during refrigeration. Therefore the food will be safe to eat and will not pose a risk. In rare cases saffron can create a bad stomach ache if eaten in excess. Saffron should never be eaten by anyone with a weakened immune system.

Will my saffron be edible if consumed raw?

You should not eat raw saffron. Eating the raw flesh will not result in a loss of nutrients. You will find that the saffron will have less acidity and a milder taste than the processed saffron we eat every week. Cooking saffron at too high a temperature will cause the inside of the leaf to collapse causing it to lose most of it’s nutrients. Saffron that has been cooked will lose the most amount of vitamins but it will still taste good. The only food that will be safe to eat raw is saffron oil. Oil is made from saffron seeds. There are different types of oils, each have their own nutritional benefits.
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Is cooking saffron safe?

There is research showing that saffron oil has some benefits in preventing tooth decay. Saffron oil is a great source of essential fatty acids. However, oil extracted from untreated plants is not worth buying. The oils you purchase from grocery stores are also not worth buying. They contain high levels of toxic chemicals, including the very same chemicals that cause oral cancer. There are other ways to get good oils such as using those with trace amounts of iodine and some fruits.

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