Is Spanish saffron good? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seeds

That’s a good question to ask, and because saffron is so popular here, some of the answers are, indeed, yes. But saffron can also just be a pleasant spice spice. Most of the time, it’s used in small amounts; often sprinkled on salads and stews, in sandwiches and as a garnish. But if you can’t stand the taste of raw or mild saffron from the store, buy a tub of pure stuff. Here’s how to do it.

How To Cut saffron into a Thread

There are several ways to saffron a thread. Here’s some tips to get you started.

Choose a thread for a long enough piece of saffron you can tie around the sprig of the herb

Cut the thread the length you’d like, but be sure it’s long enough to weave around that herb and get the other end

Then slip your cutting tool (if you have one) into the thread, and cut down, but just enough to cut the thread open

Then, using a scissors and very fine sandpaper, cut the saffron threads open

Now that your saffron has been cut open, take the fine saffron dust off the stems, and wash the herb. You can use it in the salad or simply put it in some wine. It’s pretty simple, really, though there are a few tricks.

Cutting into saffron threads may be very, very painful, so don’t be tempted. If you have a really painful cut, see a doctor. (But don’t get an infection — the wound needs to be checked and maybe antibiotic ointment.) And if you’ve cut any of the stems but are still bleeding from the cut, go to your doctor, and he’ll put your pain and bleeding into the prescription list in advance.

You can use saffron if you’d like: to cook saffron in, or to use in a salad. The saffron will keep you pretty well, too. After all, it doesn’t have a sweet taste. In fact, saffron is an antioxidant, so if you eat it, it will protect you from the nasty kinds of free radicals and other problems that can cause your skin, teeth and hair to fade, and even your immune system to weaken, in older people. (See these links for more on antioxidants, the link below.)

How It Works

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