Is saffron yellow? – How To Harvest Saffron

Does a kukri really smell like saffron? All of these things are true.

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We have two primary sources to rely on, each of them with their pros and cons. The first is our very own Sam, who is an enthusiast of all things saffron. And the second (and even more important) is the book written by our good pal, Josh. This book can be purchased HERE.

So let’s get right down to it, what is saffron yellow? Sam started us off off right on this one.

“When we say saffron yellow, what we really mean is ‘brown’. That is true saffron yellow. Saffron or the leaves of saffron are found in the flowers where they give off a tan colour. These leaves of saffron are the most commonly used of all the leaves of saffron, and also the leaves that give the most strength to the flower. The colour of a saffron leaf is different from that of the leaves of other colours but this is the only colour there is. This is due to the fact there are so many atoms to be contained in these saffron leaves that when you combine their atoms it gets to the colour we are talking about, brown. It is also due to the fact that all the atoms which make up the leaves of saffron are arranged in a very particular way, this being in the middle, not as you might expect. This is because all the atoms which make up the entire molecule make an exact copy of itself for every single atom that makes up the molecule, and this is exactly what we see with the leaves of saffron. Because of this, all that has been said is really true.

As far as how saffron yellow is formed we have to rely on a two factor process. Firstly, when a saffron flower begins to grow, the stem of the tree is removed to allow the new saffron flowers the space to grow out of it. This leaves the seeds behind, these are not used by saffron, but by those who make saffron in large quantities, this is what is used in their preparations. These seeds are then sown in the ground, the plants are placed in a greenhouse, and the seedlings grow until they are about a foot tall. They then put the seedlings into large pots in order to spread them out as the wind blows over the soil, and as the plants are now large enough

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