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If you could choose, what colour would you wear?” I’m very sorry it wasn’t saffron yellow.

“If you could pick one country, which would you choose? Which country would you most want to live in?” Well, most countries, if I had to pick a country to live in I would live in China, because I love living in a giant city and they’re cheap.

My favourite piece of art, which I like a lot, is the painting A Visit From Mr. Toad:

Saffron Corms - Local Pickup - Horsford Gardens and Nursery
I really love how it portrays Britain and its people. But this is not the Toad:

I love the whole attitude Toad has with the girl. It’s like he could have been one, he just wants to sit on the bed with her and talk. But he’s not going to have too, he’s too big for her. And that is very important: he isn’t going to have too.

I’ve spoken to people who’ve seen the film (my parents have since seen the film) and they absolutely rave about this. They love the Toad but he’s not quite right for her. But this is a film about the Toad: he has never had a girlfriend.

They’re different. He’s a different kind of hero. We see in some of the other interviews that a lot of the film is about the relationship between him and the girl but it is still about the Toad so we see him with a little girl. So he’s still a hero, still a sort of gentleman.

But she’s going through a change as well. I think the one thing that really stuck out for me about The Princess Bride – which I haven’t seen since I was 14 and I just lost my virginity to my boyfriend, and it happened in New York, in New York – and I really loved it, but that’s what everyone loves. There are all those characters with all those stories, all those dreams. But there were some very sad parts to it.

They’re sad characters who have had all the opportunities and then all of the sudden they had sex in a strange room to fulfil those dreams. But I know what’s so difficult, because you’re such an adult, but it’s still a very sad story for a 13-year-old girl. You’ve got all those characters and dreams, yet at the same time the girl doesn’t have any.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I feel a lot

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