Is Saffron difficult to grow? – Saffron Flower In Kashmir

Very easy to grow Saffron, except at temperatures in excess of 50° F.

I have had success growing most varieties of Saffron in the home garden at temperatures under 40° F, usually between 60 – 77°.

This article was first published on August 20, 2014.

The Israeli military announced yesterday that on Monday it had detained a Palestinian who allegedly made an illegal incursion into a Jewish settlement and attempted to attack soldiers with a knife. The Palestinian was immediately evacuated by army forces.

Held alongside the terrorist in Jerusalem the day before were another 25 people – including five children aged 6 years and under – in an attempt to cross into Israeli territory on the third day of the so-called “knife intifada” in Israel.

Despite the ongoing Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem and repeated Israeli attempts to prevent Palestinian men and women from praying at Al Aqsa Mosque, the Israeli military is conducting aggressive military operations against the Palestinians in the West Bank – the “EI” (“E-I” was a phrase in German that means Jerusalem and it was in fact the name of a popular Israeli radio station in the 1960s).

On Monday, the IDF announced that for the second consecutive day they had arrested people attempting to enter Israel disguised as Israelis. The latest incursion was carried out by 16-year-old Ahmad Mahmoud Taha, from the West Bank city of Hebron – and was recorded by Palestinians on cellphones.

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This is just part of the total Israeli “policing” of Palestinian women and children and the total oppression of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, which includes complete separation from Jerusalem by the EI (Israeli Embassy) and the city’s wall, the “walls” of which the Israeli military are constantly demolishing.

Last October the Jerusalem municipality opened Al Aqsa Mosque to Jews. The EI is not allowed to build in the Al-Aqsa Mosque nor does it have the permits to do so. This has led to a wave of Israeli violence against the Palestinians at this sacred site that only escalated at the height of the recent “knife intifada” with many Palestinians stabbing Israelis and shooting at them.

As the “knife intifada” has ended, Israeli settlers have again been trying to enter Palestinian territory. Over 300 Israelis have been arrested by the Israeli military and more than 60 settlers have been injured during the last three days. More, however, should be done in East Jerusalem and there should be

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