Is Saffron difficult to grow? – How To Harvest Saffron

A. Some types of plants can be hard to grow. Saffron must be placed in a well ventilated area to allow air to move around the plant. It must not be allowed to touch the top of a window. The plant needs light during the day as it requires nitrogen and water for photosynthesis so it does not need much light in the morning as this would cause damage to the plant. Saffron should not be grown in a warm dry place with no drainage. Saffron plants will grow larger in warm conditions but will be prone to root rot if water is not applied for at least a week after planting. Saffron plants require proper growing conditions to be successful and have a long growing season.

Q. What kind of water should I use for growing Saffron?

A. Saffron should not be planted in very hot temperatures. They can be grown well in hot climates but do not produce flowers or leaves or buds and so will not produce much. Growers must be very careful while growing saffron. They must not allow the roots to become dry to the touch. Do not water them during or after rains or they will cause the plant to damage itself as it is not a good moisture-retentive plant. Saffron will not thrive in the sun as it will dry up very quickly and the plants will get very weak with no more growth. Saffron plants should not be allowed to water to the point of drying out. To avoid damaging the plants, they should always be allowed to dry down by themselves with no help from any human being. If the plants are allowed to water too much before dry down, it can dry out the roots and cause more damage. If the soil gets too moist, it can cause a plant to die. Too much humidity, high temperature, or too fast a change of temperature can also damage the plants and cause a plant to die.

Q. What kind of nutrients should I give the plant for growing?

A. Saffron requires a fairly long growing season before it makes a flower and leaves. Saffron can be grown in areas which are in the shade, but are not too cold. For more information, have a look at What Saimi Should Be Feeded.

Q. What are the benefits of growing saffron?

A. Saffron is an easy plant to grow and produces flowers in a short period of time, not only do they have a short growing

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