Is Saffron business profitable?

It’s not, they have a market share of 3%.


Saffron Business Is Expanding.

There is so much demand. It’s a real commodity. So the prices rise, as this market is now bigger than tobacco in North America and is now growing.

They even tried to get a permit to grow it in California:

That was denied,

Saffron is not even in California, and they want that! Well, they won’t because they can’t, but the FDA has said that this is illegal and it’s going to cost them a lot of money.

They even lost court and then the court said again the reason that the prohibition has to be against Saffron is because it’s a spice!

Saffron, however, grows and does not produce any drugs. So if their product isn’t made from anything, why would they want to prohibit it?

Coconut Products.

Also, because Saffron is a spice, a lot of people are thinking about bringing “coconut” to market. They do have something called “coconut water”.

It’s a water flavored coconut water. They don’t have any real coconuts in them, and they won’t be selling it unless someone actually buys it!

They have a small niche market where they sell it to health food stores. But they don’t make any money from it.

They Do Not Make Cocoa Butter.

They do not make “cocoa butter” at all. So there’s no coconut oil to use in their products. This is also true for other popular chocolate products like:

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So what’s the point?

One other thing is that the FDA is actually trying to ban chocolate altogether, because they’re worried about the toxic heavy