Is Saffron business profitable? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seed Crossword

Yes, Saffron is profitable. I do not have the statistics for its income, but it is profitable. In one year Saffron had revenues of $150,000,000. The majority of Saffron’s revenue came from the US and Germany in the first year that Saffron was open. Then the second year it began sales to all the countries over which it had presence on November 1st, 1999.

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Will Saffron make more money after the US opening as compared to the second year?

Not really. Saffron had a very good beginning, but now Saffron is getting a little expensive. I hope the cost of living will come down soon, so people will only buy Saffron in small quantities. That will only increase the sales and Saffron will be profitable again, since we’re doing well when people buy Saffron here.

Where can I find more about Dhamma Garden or Saffron?

You can visit the website of Dhamma Garden at You can also see and hear their talks at events to be held in a couple of Western states every year. You can contact Saffron directly at [email protected]

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