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FACT: The Indian saffron is a highly valued spice in many Arab and Muslim countries around the world, where it is used in food, drink, medicine, decorative powders, as well as cosmetics and in the manufacture of clothing.

The saffron is also found in many parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, making it an essential spice around the world. It is used for its culinary and medicinal properties and also for its beauty properties.

It is used in a variety of preparations, such as spice oils and for colouring. It is also used in the production of various cosmetics as a pigment to increase the colour. However, the Indian saffron (also called mithya or mithoja) is also considered to be one of the hallucinogenic drugs because of the properties of its leaves, flowers, nuts, seeds and extracts (especially saffron oil) as well as its effects on the central nervous system. In fact, according to Hindu mythology, saffron is also a “pure” spice and was thought to be the key to the “Bindu”, but this has fallen through.

There are several theories as to why the saffron is such a prized plant in the West. Firstly, the fact that saffron is so easily available and has such a wide reputation in other regions and cultures makes it more valuable than, for example, gold and diamonds.

Secondly, the use of saffron in a variety of recipes, such as saffron rouge for making a decorative rouge-coated dish, has also made saffron attractive. These examples of using saffron in a recipe have become so widespread that the name “discovery of saffron” should not be used to describe any dish that uses it and has not been properly researched to determine if it is safe, though it is now often advertised as such.

In the past, saffron was used in medicine for curing stomach ulcers, as part of a digestive remedy, and also as an aphrodisiac, to get rid of sexual desire in men, which was known at the time. However, today, it is most often used in cosmetics. The use of saffron is also being recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a food ingredient, and the EU has recently set the saffron category amongst its 100 most important foods for health.

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