In which season Saffron is grown?

In the show’s first, only episode, “The First Time Mr. Van Dyke Met His Bride,” an excited Saffron, with her newly formed marriage, visits a restaurant of the same name in order to be seen. Her brother’s appearance is a nod, as he is one of the main characters, a “couple of kids,” who was raised by his abusive mother.

If Saffron can “go back home,” to an English friend, what happens when Mr. Van Dyke is suddenly arrested and the rest of his crew is sent to prison?

In that instance, Saffron doesn’t have the option of being sent back to England. She’s too young to be a citizen there. In Season 4, though, she could run to England, where she’d be given citizenship and a passport.

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When will Saffron marry her brother?

Season 4 and Season 5 of the show focus on Saffron and her brother, Mr. Van Dyke, who will marry Saffron during two months in Season 6, but in a show where there is no mention of a specific time, it’s hard to guess. The show said, “Will Saffron be in love with her brother? How are they going to reconcile if they’ve never been together?” Season 6 has been shot for two years, so the show’s writers didn’t plan for Saffron and her brother to reconcile at the end of Season 5, but in some storylines, it’s possible.

What’s the status of her engagement ring?

If she was not in England and her brother was not in prison, her engagement ring probably would have been found in him. She never mentioned it in “The First Time Mr. Van Dyke Met His Bride.”

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