How much is a gram of saffron? – Saffron Corms

1/2 gram or 1 gram? Let’s answer that one for you.

We’re talking about a very tiny quantity of saffron here. If you think of it as a small flower, then a handful of dried blossoms can fit into a palm. It might seem like a mere handful, but that tiny amount of saffron, when you grind it into powder, would turn into approximately 1 gram of saffron in the course of a lifetime. So, in other words, there’s that 1 gram.

Here’s how that 1 gram of powder goes into its final state: First, the saffron is soaked in an oil (also known as oil of oregano) and is then dried for several days in an oven at a very hot temperature (roughly 130°F).

For that first time, the oil and saffron are heated to what is called red (hot) temperature. As you can imagine, this process can produce a lot of smoke. That’s why people use black cumin and other spices with a red color (see this recipe for black mustard seeds).

Finally, the powder is left at that red temperature for 24 hours. The result is a powder that has the consistency and color you want.

Safron Powder

The next step is to break the powder all down into its parts. After all the powder is broken down in the oven, you can add it to various recipes, depending on what you want to make. In the case of our Moroccan saffron, for example, if you wanted some toasted nuts and walnuts along with that spicy sauce, that’s where the saffron powder comes in handy.

Adding saffron powder to Moroccan food can be as easy as a bit of baking, with your hands. You will also want to make sure your sauce and saffron are cooked evenly: If you are making the Moroccan saffron, for example, let it cook on very low heat for a few minutes, to fully develop the flavor and then turn the heat up, letting it come to a boil. (This will give you enough time to let the spice penetrate the nuts and walnuts properly and flavor your food well.)

But the best way to make it really good, with the finest flavor, is to heat it up in a big pot at a high setting, with plenty of fresh herbs, and you can cook it right in front of a stovetop. We use sa

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