How much does saffron seeds cost? – How Do You Harvest Saffron

It is not easy to estimate, as saffron varieties differ by variety, quality, and location/time of production. For example, one saffron variety, known by various names, such as Mavadi saffron of India or Indian saffron, has a high cost, which is roughly equivalent to 3-4 kilograms (7-10 pounds) of dried seed.

The most common price quoted by sources is between $10-$20 for 1 kg (2.2 pounds). The average cost quoted by sources is $7.25 to $10.50 per gram. Some sources have quoted the cost between $8.50 and $10 per gram.

It is very rare to come across a source reporting the highest cost that has been quoted for a batch of saffron seeds. But many seeds can be easily identified from their color, smell, and taste. A few things to consider before you buy:

– Keep a close watch on the size of your order. Generally, the smaller the order, the higher the price, so do not make an order with fewer beans than required.

– Know what price range to expect your order to fall into. A lower price range will only result in a cheaper/smaller amount of seeds.

– If you are unable to determine the exact number of seeds, you can check with a variety specialist such as one of us at or for a quote.

– Beware of those who claim they get the best results when they are growing your saffron varieties indoors! We are sure that a lot of the differences that we attribute to soil, temperature, and humidity are due to the varieties and their genetics. In addition, we have even observed that the varieties and their genetics play an important role also in the flavor and texture of the seed.

– Don’t trust the reviews. Often, reviews are written by people who have no knowledge about the plant and only want to sell on the basis of the recommendation of the seller or vendor.

– The quality of the seeds should also be checked. Most of the common seeds do not taste good in my personal opinion.

If you look at any website or review of seedlings or plants on the internet, you will often find out that the majority of the positive comments are written and written by people who do not know what they actually have. This does not only mean that the

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