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What type of saffron, and which saffron, does Indian restaurant make?

To find out more about the benefits to health, wellness, energy, memory, brain function, and productivity, read on about the science behind the benefits of saffron.

The benefits of saffron

Saffron is a superfood — with its antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory potential, and antioxidant properties. And there’s research to support its inclusion in any good recipe for a healthy, weight-loss diet.

There are three main types of saffron:

Saffron bergamot – a purple/red color that has soothing properties.

Saffron chamomile – a purple-red color often used in aromatherapy

Saffron calendula – a green color commonly used in cosmetics.

Saffron, which is a yellow flower, is known to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. But research doesn’t really explain why we feel better when eating saffron.

The study conducted by the Mayo Clinic in the 1990s looked into this question, and concluded that eating fresh, green, and dried or chopped saffron, had the highest benefits. The findings in the 2015 Mayo Clinic review are based on more recent studies of saffron consumption and can be considered stronger evidence than what was shown by the previous review. To find out more about saffron’s health benefits, read about the science behind the benefits of saffron.

The research is mixed

The studies mentioned above have mixed results.

In a study published in 2012, researchers from the National Institute of Aging compared a combination of the three saffron varieties available in retail stores in France. The researchers found that fresh saffron had more antioxidants than dried, but did not have as many health benefits as the other two varieties.

What kind of research is needed?

Although research is still needed, there is a high level of scientific evidence with saffron’s benefits. So we want to know whether eating saffron is a good idea, especially for our bodies.

Research is currently required to determine whether people are sensitive to or have trouble with eating fresh or dried saffron. What about our bodies? Are they the ones that respond to all the benefits of saffron? Or is saffron just too delicate to eat?

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