How many times a year can you harvest saffron?

When to harvest it? Where to harvest it?

What about using the saffron threads in a dish?

What does the saffron look like when it is ready to use?

How can I prepare it in a meal? Can I use it for a vegetable? Is this what it looks like when it’s completely dried? Is the color of the saffron dark or light ?

Also, are there any common saffron related illnesses, like rashes, stomach aches, or fever ?
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Is it safe to use saffron in food ?

What should I do if I have trouble using any of these things ?

In an earlier version of this article I stated that saffron is the yellow-white powdery substance left over after washing a saffron flower. This is not correct. It is a yellow-orange powder-type substance. So what I was trying to state was that saffron is a white-yellowish material. In other words, you have to mix the two separately.

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