How many times a year can you harvest saffron?

It comes in tiny quantities at the tip, so that when used in saffron dye, the process takes an instant, intense rush, in the midst of a delicate, slow-burning process.

The more saffron you have, the more heat and intensity you need for the same amount of dyeing. How many times do you drink sippin’ wine? It is the ideal way to absorb nutrients.

So there you have it. The best way to stay healthy, happy (and rich) and rich for life, without any sugar added!

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We’re pretty sure there has never been a better time to be a member of the bitcoin community. We’re a community that really can’t afford to make things up – if anyone tries to do so, they might end up as the next Mt Gox.

That was not a concern for the guys behind The Block Chain Factory, based out of Toronto, who are aiming to help people create bitcoin software, build and sell bitcoin hardware and help people get involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, BCHF co-founder and CEO David Sønstebø says the BCHF is looking to disrupt the $40billion-a-year financial and investment process with the use of blockchain technology.

“Bitcoin is not something that could have been possible without government fiat currency being backed by government money,” Sønstebø said.

In their first year of business, the Block Chain Factory already has three products in the works, including bitcoin debit cards, a virtual currency trading card at the launch of the first Bitcoin debit card at a Toronto location, a bitcoin wallet and a bitcoin hardware wallet.

“We believe there is no better way to do business than with the whole world using a ledger of things rather than just our system,” said Sønstebø. “We see blockchain technology as a huge opportunity for the financial industry and our focus is on the business models as it goes along as well.”

Blockchain and distributed ledgers

Block chain technology is a digital information system that records everything from transactions to ownership of virtual coins. Sønstebø calls this a distributed ledger, and explains that while block chain technology is used to record data on block chain ledgers, there are thousands of companies