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A 100g flower will only grow to around the size of your palm. Depending on the weather it is usually a couple of weeks, a day or two. If your growing spot is not far from where you eat, it will take a little longer. If there is a strong winds blowing, the flowers on a flower can be blown into the air but they are a long growing season.

Will they smell good?

Saffron is often sold as flower perfume but it is not an irritant like saffron oil. Just the fresh smell is all that there is. Saffron oil and other fragrance free fragrances often contain perfume as well. If you notice that they smell of flower, it isn’t because you have been smelling it all your life! You must also note if the flowers smell fragrant or not. You should also notice if there is any staining of the flower, which is a sign of old age and a poor quality product that needs some attention.

The best way to test a saffron flower is to open the bottle and then smell how fresh the leaves are. If you find that they have a bad smell, or no scent or smell, and you have purchased the wrong flower for your application, you can request a refund.

If you want to try saffron flowers out online – the best way is to make small purchases. Go to the local herb store that still sells dried flowers and choose a small flower. The flowers do not need to be very large and can be stored in a zippered freezer bag. To make a bigger purchase and to make the flowers last longer, be sure you cut them to size first. This way, the flowers will last longer and not be damaged by the cutting process. For a small purchase, ask a dealer. For larger purchases, you can buy flowers online, but you will need to have a container larger than 2″ x 4″ x 3″. You can either cut a flower up and add it to a freezer bag, or you can cut the flower up and add it to a zippered freezer bag. Make sure you choose a container with water underneath so the flowers don’t float on the water!

What do I do with an unopened flower I bought?

Take any excess away with you. You can also just remove the entire flower and throw it out (if you like the smell).

Do I need to wash the flower?
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Yes you do! The flower

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