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Saffron is easy to grow from seed. It starts life in the leaves, which are white. When the leaves are broken up, you get seeds. Seeds must be allowed to mature for a month. From now on, saffron seeds grow in a cocoon on the plant. Only the young saffron leaves can see light. The seed can remain safe for 4-5 months. Seed can be soaked a while too, but the fruit must be allowed to be able to be picked from the ground and eaten.

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“We know that you, in your heart, are not alone.” ―Quark to Sisko [src]

The Dominion Occupation of Cardassia was the period from 2359 to 2372 when the Dominion occupied Cardassia and annexed it into the Dominion.

The Occupation was followed by more Dominion-infested territories until 2375 when the Dominion was defeated, forcing the Occupation into its last phase of destruction. (DS9: “The House of Quark”)

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Golden opportunity: Saffron farm blooms in Stowe | Food + Drink ...
This mod requires the original Fallout games.

The mod adds several brand new outfits, weapons, armors, and a few weapons of various styles and sizes to the game. The outfits were selected through the original Fallout game, but each of the items can be used in The Elder Scrolls Online games, and more details about these can be found in the readme. The new items are as follows:


Vault Suit Body Armor – Unique with unique effects

The Vault Suit Body Armor has special damage reduction, armor, and a higher chance to drop from monsters. The armor is quite light and also offers some resistance to critical hits.

Vault Suit Collar – Unique with special effects and can be bought from an NPC vendor.

Vault Suit Shoes – Unique with unique effect

Vault Suit Shoes offer no added bonus or penalty to unarmed damage, so the wearer does not have an increase in damage when wearing them. However, all armor and footwear in both the vault and the wasteland wear them like armor, which means that the damage they provide does not degrade over time in areas like the wasteland.

Vault Suit Hand Weapons

Vault Suit Gauntlets – Unique with unique

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