How do you plant saffron seeds? – Saffron Crocus Bulbs For Sale

As well as being used to make a number of herbal medicines, saffron is also used as a herbicide and as a fungicide. It can be cut, and dried then used as a fertilizer. It may also be planted in areas with poor soil for a green colour. If you live in an area which receives a lot of sunlight, saffron can be planted in the sun (as a desert plant) but may not do much better in the shade because it is much more tolerant than other plants to low light levels.


In the UK, it is often recommended as a fertiliser for organic garden beds, or mixed with other nitrogen-fixing plants such as clovers for nitrogen-fixing beds and on organic gardens in gardens set up with a soil aerator.

Watering – how much to use?

A healthy garden should provide plenty of water to support the needs of every plant – so that a healthy garden cannot be a little soggy for plants which require more water than others (eg. flowers and seedlings) which can get water but not fertilisation. Plants which require much more water than others (eg. annual, perennials) may need to be watered more as water will reduce flower quality.

How many pots to use?

Although the basic rule is 2-4 plants per square metre, it may just be the case that all of your plants require a whole pot (2-4 plants per square metre) to thrive in. That is where saffron comes in – saffron seed (approximately 0.7-1.4 metres long) should be cut from the base of a plant. Seeds should be dried and soaked for 24-48 hours, or overnight if you are doing it during spring – this removes the pollen and makes it more difficult for the spores to germinate. The seed is then packed into a single thick round block, as tightly as possible, which should then be packed in pots, and sealed closed. This keeps the seed safe from water and pests for several years.

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