How do you dry and store saffron?

It’s a very good question and I think that it really is a cultural issue in many countries. Because of the way that saffron cultivation in India is done, you need to use a special and special manner of drying and preserving this delicate flower. We are using a process called “Cambric drying” which involves the addition of silica, an abrasive agent. It’s a very slow approach to drying saffron. We want to add extra time to the drying process just to make sure that the plant is really fully exposed to the air which we want to make sure that when it dries, the color will last as long as possible.

How can I purchase dried saffron?

There are many types of saffron available on the market and a small number of specialized shops. They are mainly concerned with buying the best quality saffron. If you are looking for dried saffron with special qualities, then you have to visit these small specialized shops and make contact directly with the saffron specialists.

For the past three years we have been offering the only large-size brand of saffron on the Indian market: Saffron Oriental. They have the largest selection of saffron, they are the most well-stocked store in India and you are getting the finest quality saffron you can find. We have also made the decision to provide a special service for the saffron and saffron flower traders who sell the same things we do. That is, if you want saffron, we have specially adapted a process for you which can be of use to you. You can contact us directly and we will make sure that the saffron flower shops are open and the customers are waiting for you and the saffron seller is ready to pick up their saffron. You can also ask other sources for specific information.

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