How do you dry and store saffron?

Dry the leaves in a glass or ceramic bowl. Cover with a thin layer of olive oil or butter and then let it sit for 10-15 minutes. A small amount of the oil can be added to the dry leaves to soften them up a bit (or add a little bit of sea salt), although they will still be tough. Once the leaves have set, you can place them back in the glass dish and store them for up to 2 days. You can also simply throw them in the freezer (though they will thaw very quickly).

How do you store saffron?

Drying them for a few days is a great idea, and will preserve the flavors! If you need to save some of the saffron, you can put it in airtight containers for a few days in a refrigerator in a plastic bag to prevent refrigeration.


It’s the end of a year that has seen so much of everything, both good and bad. In a year full of disappointment we have decided to give you our list of the 20 things this year we thought were the best and worst. We’ve picked our favourites but to save space we’ve broken each list down into 10 categories and will have a few “best of” videos in January as well. This week we will show you just what’s in our thoughts of the year.

The Best

1. It’s just a great year

2. A new car to ride?

3. The best places to go

4. Top 10 places to see the best shows

5. Top 10 things we miss the most

6. The best of the bad, the best of the ugly, and the best of all!

7. Biggest surprises

8. Where is the best bar? The best burger? The best restaurant?

9. The best of the top 10

10. The most amazing things we have seen this year!

Honourable mentions: The best coffee shop (Dane’s), The best coffee beans (Dane’s), the best new restaurants (The Best), Top 10 things we missed the most (10th), Top 10 things we’ve tried that are still looking for their way back into the list (10th)


1. We were never there

We were told that it would be a night that would change our lives forever. This was one thing that I had heard. Then our