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The most important thing is to find out where to buy saffron. The best place to buy saffron is in local farmers markets, or online. If the market closest to you is open on a holiday, you can come and join and help pick. Sometimes the farmers markets are closed on Sundays and some farmers markets are not even open on Tuesdays. Be sure to ask about availability prior to arriving at the market. You can also check the online information of the local authorities if you’re planning on visiting the market. The most important thing to know about saffron is that it is used by both Hindus and Parsis, people who are considered to be part of the Parsi community and thus not allowed to use saffron in traditional religious garb. Also, it must be imported and may be purchased from local shops, which are not only open on Saturdays, but are often staffed by local people on weekends as well; therefore, a visit to the market must be scheduled well in advance to get a feel for its offerings. Even though an online search would be your best bet, there is a high chance that no information will exist at all. So you must do your own research.

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The biggest risk in buying saffron is if you’re going to miss out on it altogether, and there are several possible situations where you might not get it at all. If you are getting it from outside of Iran proper (including Tehran, Shiraz, Azad Shahabad, and Yazd) then you have the added risks of being caught and fined for having not yet paid. If you’re buying saffron from a local seller in Iran proper, however, then you have the safety of knowing that the seller, not Iran proper, has the authority to supply the saffron. In general, the bigger the trader, the better the deal.

If you’re buying saffron from a local Iran seller who is not a local and you are unsure as to whether or not you’ve been paid, you’ll have to find out as soon as possible when the market is open. Often, a list of the sellers selling at the market is given out in a local newspaper as early as 8:00 a.m. But if you’re at all unsure as to when the market is open, you might want to get the list on paper, or take one of the many online sites that list which vendors are open. Sometimes a number will be displayed for the

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