Does turmeric taste like saffron? – Saffron Corms

Or is it just a combination of the two?!

The answer is simple and straightforward – it’s a bit like saffron and turmeric. In all seriousness, turmeric is not a spice – it’s the yellow powder inside the leaves that gives you a wonderful saffron look by making turmeric taste like saffron!

How to get turmeric if you just don’t like it

You can easily make your own turmeric-like flavor in most all of the common dishes: you can even make it your family’s signature! But it is definitely not something that you can just enjoy as a “side dish”. You have to try it and really love it and then you can never go back!

I am a fan of this recipe (and all other recipes, really), but I prefer to add other herbs (such as cilantro) to this dish to make it full of flavor and balance. So don’t be shy to add these at the end, too!

I love that you can really vary this recipe and make it your own too! If you are a food blogger, you are always looking for new recipes to add to your recipe posts! Make sure to tag me on Instagram for a chance to be featured in next week’s recipe post!

Have a tasty day everyone!

Cucumber & Ginger Quinoa Chili

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