Does saffron taste like plastic?

So you wonder why so many people love the orange color — maybe it’s the saffron color?

For the last few years, the Food and Drug Administration is urging manufacturers of saffron-based foods to label them more clearly as not containing plasticizers. And it has encouraged the inclusion of saffron-color labels in the products they produce in the U.S.

But now the FDA has taken steps to put an end to the saffron craze. On Oct. 13, it proposed new requirements for labeling saffron-based products that are not containing plasticizers, which it calls polymeric resins or polybutadiene, or PABA. That’s because saffron, considered to be a “food color” by regulators, should not contain PABA (polybutadiene), a chemical that can damage the body’s respiratory system.

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How To Make A Scaffold Of The Perfect Wall Piece In Minutes

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