Can you grow saffron from seeds?

Yes. The saffron species you get is not from the whole plant but the small parts (the leaves are not the whole plant). The plants are usually growing in pots. You can grow saffron with seed from two or three years old. The seed comes in two varieties – the green saffron and the red saffron. The green saffron is much easier to grow then red saffron. You need a seedling at first. You have to wash the little leaves well, rinse them with water and place the seed in a shallow pot. When the seedlings are about 3-4 months old, they can be put in a dark place. As they grow they will grow with the sun until you need to water them too much.

How long does it take to grow saffron?

Saffron will grow to about 2 kg if it develops well. It can grow up to 4 kg.

About Saffron in New England
How many saffron leaves should I plant?

About 3/4 leaves are enough for the size of the plants. But if your seedlings grow, you will need more plants. Don’t worry. No one cares for your seedlings – it’s always better to have too many seeds than not enough. This is one of the reasons to plant seeds with care.

How many seeds will I need for each plant?

You will need a minimum of 100 seeds for larger saffron plants. For small saffron plants you can plant as much as you want. The seedlings will grow on their own once you have enough saffron seedlings.

I have a lot of saffron seeds and I want to plant them all. What is the best way to plant them?

You need to plan your plants so that you can get a good ratio of saffron seedlings with saffron plants. If you don’t do this, the plants will grow too fast and be too big. You can plant them in large pots with a cover.

I want to know how many seeds to plant before I start?

Start with seedlings as small as you have and plant the seeds once a year. If you want your saffron plants to develop faster, you can choose smaller pots with a little cover.

How do you know how many to plant every year?

When you choose a size of your saffron plant, measure it carefully. In the size guide, you