Can you eat the saffron threads? – Growing Saffron Crocus In Texas

If you can’t, make up a batch of saffron threads. You might have to add a little water to make it soft and edible.

How much to serve

The best way to serve saffron threads is to leave them whole. If there are any that are slightly wilted, they should just slide easily into a bowl with a fork.

When served, serve them warm like a salad. They’re best served with a small wedge of lemon, a teaspoon of honey, and some extra saffron. Garnish each saffron with a freshly squeezed lemon.

By Jeff Johnson

As the American people are learning the truth about the Iraq War, it is evident that the American people have become more and more disgusted with the Obama administration and the neoconservatives’ lies and propaganda in the Middle East. The American government and the corporate media will not stop the growing public skepticism, so they have decided they need to keep spinning the same story, one that is even more ridiculous and far more dangerous than the Gulf War.

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So far, most of the news about the war on Islamic State has been based on lies and propaganda, not facts. This propaganda has been a major part of the war for the last seven years – the United States, the Zionist State of Israel and Turkey have been fighting a war since 2006 and even more intense attacks on Syria and now Iraq and are determined to defeat their greatest foe.

Now that ISIS is defeated in Iraq and Syria, their propaganda has been completely exposed.

At the center of propaganda is a single lie that the United States and its allies created, which is that ISIS was fueled by the overthrow of governments in Syria and Iraq, not President Bashar Assad’s brutality and terrorism. The truth is that the United States and its allies have been funding, training and aiding terrorist groups across the Middle East and Syria to overthrow governments. All of the terrorists who fought in Iraq and Syria during the 2003 invasion are still present there many are now training, fighting or working in the same terrorist organizations and the United States, NATO and Israel have been providing them.

The United States has been funding and supporting the terrorists and the only reason for the ISIS surge is the failure of the Bush administration to fight the Al-Qaeda.

In August of 2015, the New York Times published this damning piece of information on the New York Times website: “Most of the Syrian rebels fighting to topple Mr. Assad, as The Times now names them, come from a

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