Can we drink saffron milk daily? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seeds And They Hatched

Yes. We’ll be happy. But it should be prepared with salt.

If the cow has milk, then I’ll drink it every day. If not, then it’s only fair that I serve it twice a week.

If the cow is slaughtered, then don’t eat it. But don’t throw it away either.

If a cow wants grass, I’ll take some from it for the next one.

If the cow takes water and is thirsty, I’ll drink water from it too.

If there’s a place where I can sleep, then I’ll sleep on top of that place.

If I find a place to stay overnight, then I’ll take a tent from it and sleep there. If not, then I can stay anywhere in the forest, as long as I have water and a shelter.

If the cow goes hungry, I’ll take it out of there and store it in its barn. If it’s hungry, then I’ll feed it for a while.

If a woman is married and has a husband, then she’ll stay with him until she dies. She will then stay with the one she gave birth to.

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If the farmer sells his cattle and makes the money then take all the money to the shopkeeper and tell him that the money he earns here is what he gets back from the sheep!

If the farmer sells his cows, then he’ll also buy other cattle from the shopkeeper and then take them all back to his village, which will all earn him more money.

If the man finds a place to live, then he will live there for a while.

When a cow is pregnant, it will suck the milk from all the other cows and the time it takes to nurse takes in the milk too.

If a cow eats and goes hungry; then it’ll take back all the milk.

If a cow has gone to sleep, then it’ll sleep where it should.

If it hasn’t taken a good drink of water, then it’ll take it again.

If a cow is born, then it will have babies. But if it gives birth during winter, it will never have babies in summer.

A cow’s milk flows through the ground. When it gets to a field, it won’t get drunk.

A man can catch a cow by using a stick.

If a cow’s head is crushed, then it’ll have milk again

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