Can we drink saffron milk daily? – Growing Crocus In Pots

Yes. The body is a saffron milk factory which produces some of the richest milk. This milk is highly nutritious and contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids, many of which are essential for life. This milk cannot be put into any form in which the body cannot digest it.

The best saffron paste can be made up into small batches of up to one kilogram weight before being sold. If the paste is sold to a single household it is better to make a second batch which contains up to 10 kilograms each. It must be in a container which can be stored at moderate temperatures. (It is safe to boil with just a little water). These saffron and raw paste-milk are used to make the best saffron sauce and curries all over the world. It can be made into curries for all sorts of dishes- from the classic Kashmiri curry with naan bread to soups and gravy dishes.

Saffron milk is also used for saffron tarts. These tarts are soft, pale yellow, with a rich nutty flavour which is very popular with tourists.

The best saffron paste could also help reduce food waste. Saffron paste, on being ground, forms a rich paste which can be used in every part of the home- whether at your table, in a kitchen, on a plate or even to make a simple saffron ice cream.

Also, you have many other uses for saffron which can be found in our saffron cookery tips page.

What other benefits of saffron paste do you have to add?

Saffron paste has a positive effect on the quality of the skin. The skin comes from the saffron leaf and contains vitamin C which helps keep the skin healthy and the rest of the body healthy. A lot of saffron is consumed today to give vitamin C and it is very popular with tourists. This vitamin is in fact not in the raw saffron we use here in Thailand but is extracted from the leaf. It adds to the taste of the curry. Another reason is that the oil and butter from the saffron leaves which is used are naturally rich in fats. That is particularly helpful with the food- that we eat here and in many countries- but also in many household chores. The saffron and saffron paste which is commonly used also makes a wonderful dressing for many dishes. This dressing contains rich

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