Can I drink saffron tea everyday?

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It may seem strange that a saffron tea would be named after a desert which is found in India. But saffron has an incredible reputation and it makes a fantastic tea to start off with once the basics are mastered. It’s a very soothing, warming and invigorate your body.

How to make a saffron tea The most basic recipe to make a proper healthy saffron tea is a simple water method with just one cup of water. A basic saffron base needs about one teaspoon of dry leaves – the type you are going to use to make the tea to start. You can usually find these dry leaves in a spice shop, Indian supermarket. Dry leaves that are a little more ripe also work equally well as your base. You can also add a little more sugar or lemon to your saffron base as needed. Let the tea steep gently using a tea strainer or saucer, as you normally would would for tea. It will help to add more water once the leaves are really started to open. If you are using fresh leaves from your garden, add a teaspoon extra of water to each cup of water. It’s really up to you. The more sugar you use, the more intense your tea will taste. The more water you add, the stronger the tea will be. It can get pretty heavy for a first-time tea (I had to add about a teaspoon of sugar), although don’t use too much water. I tried it this way and I liked it, so you can try it as well. Try not to over-add to your tea, adding more of a full dose could be a way to get it less intense. I normally use half the amount I normally use for other strong teas. If you are using fresh leaves, add in a teaspoon of baking soda instead of granulated sugar. You can add it all back on in one go. I didn’t need to as it got too heavy. You can also add more milk if desired. Add a couple of teaspoons of honey instead of lemon juice also if you want. If you don’t have enough fresh leaves to make a nice amount of tea for a first time tea, then add a little more sugar if you want. To prevent your tea getting too thick, add a little more sugar after one drop. I personally do not think you need to add as much as I did, but do go by taste and see if you get too much after adding. This is just a basic introduction to making a