Can I drink saffron tea everyday?

Yes, and that’s good because the saffron is very powerful. You’re not going to taste it, but you’re going to be amazed by how delicious it feels. Also, it’s a great way to keep your teeth healthy. If you want saffron, buy a couple of kilos at the very least, and you can always buy a few extra online.

My mother said you can’t really drink wine in Israel because it tastes the same in all the other countries in the world. What are you saying? You know, the old saying about the two types of wine: the good, and the bad. Actually, it’s not that simple. The good wine’s from the French Riviera, the bad wine (colloquially called Israeli wine) is from the Negev, so it’s pretty much the same wine anywhere in the world. Even if you live outside of Israel, you can probably find some good Israeli wine anywhere, since they’re all imported from France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, etc. The bad wine however is a little harder to find in any of these countries (Italy, Brazil, etc.)

My father was also asked about what he thought about the wine. He had nothing but praise for it and said that it was the best. Of course he had to say that they had to pay him in the end and that he could do his work too.

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Hands down, the most satisfying beer I’ve made this year. The beers here have the ability to take the drinker, without much effort, somewhere they never thought possible. This is a brew that takes your breath away and will make you think you’re in a very different city. A few of the others in the Top 3 were also great in a different way. I’ll have beers like these on a regular basis when I return to Colorado and feel that it’s time for a change.