Who owns Getty Images?

Getty has owned Getty Images since 1967, when it acquired the company from the Tribune Company. Since that time, the company has spent over $1 billion to acquire a variety of assets.

1 The Chicago Tribune Company (WGN Radio) Source: Chicago Tribune Company

While the Chicago Tribune Company is an iconic media company in Chicago, their network of newspapers has been under constant scrutiny over the internet. The Chicago Tribune Company (WGN Radio) is owned by the Chicago Board of Trade, a private company whose interests are clearly stated on its web site (link) (emphasis added):

“WGN is a non-profit corporation that operates as a publicly chartered public trust and owns and operates over 150 local newspapers and other community media outlets, and numerous satellite and digital television stations throughout Chicagoland and throughout the nation.

“In 2008, WGN acquired the Chicago Tribune Company. In 2009, WGN, following a strategic review of its assets, and as part of a restructuring of its newspaper business, sold its remaining holdings (including the Chicago Tribune Company) and spun-off the non-shareholder interest into a new company.

“WGN’s other assets include the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Magazine and the Chicago Tribune. WGN is not a corporation as defined by the Illinois State Constitution and must comply with all applicable regulations.”

Source: WGN

TAMPA — A former Florida State University student has been charged with murder after he was accused of trying to kill and eat a homeless man he encountered in Tampa.

WESH in Tampa reports 29-year-old Christopher James Thomas was arrested Wednesday night on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The arrest came after Tampa police were called to the Tampa Riverfront at 4:50 a.m. for reports of a stabbing.

Police say Thomas was walking through the riverfront between 2 and 3 a.m. on Wednesday when he met a homeless man who he claimed was being harassed. The two men walked out of the river, but the homeless man got into a fight with Thomas.

According to police, Thomas became uncooperative and eventually grabbed the homeless man, causing him to fall to the ground. According to police, Thomas then pulled out a silver pocket knife from his pocket and began attacking the homeless man.

Thomas allegedly stabbed the man four or five times, but the victim survived. Police say Thomas then fled the area on foot with other unknown victims.