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Yes, and only one person: David Geffen.

In fact, Geffen is the majority owner of the giant American media company. He has invested in the New York Times (New York Times News Corp) and Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles Times Publishing Holdings, LTVA). He also owns major interest as well as a 49% stake in the music business, in which I’m a huge fan.

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The most surprising and shocking discovery when looking at Geffen’s portfolio is just how much he owns. He has more investments as of 2010 then the rest of the top 5 owners of media combined!

The most shocking discovery when looking at Geffen’s portfolio is just how much he owns:

Geffen’s portfolio looks pretty similar to the rest of the top 5 owners.

The most incredible facts about David Geffen’s investments are not on his corporate profiles on the internet, but as of 2010, here are a few of them:

He has over 30 billionaires

Geffen is involved in a lot of projects, but only one of them (SAP) can be categorized as high profile, that’s Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

Geffen was the largest single investor in the company (his 50% stake) because of the way he owns it. As it turned out, he bought in at a discount and had his first profitable quarter in 1999!

In 2006, he made $2.8 billion through the company. He has been investing his money ever since.

He’s worth $5 billion and counting.

He once called a meeting for the CEO of The New York Times, then took over the role as CEO of the Times while it was still the top-selling newspaper in the United States. He gave the newspaper, the paper he buys so much of, an 87-year lease to use his private beach to set up its new “digital” department in Manhattan.

His net worth is close to $70 billion.

Now, do you think someone will want to invest in the New York Times?

I do not.

Why does this matter?

It matters because David Geffen is in a good position to invest in the companies he owns.

Why do I say that? Because I have already invested in over 50 companies on this list of top 10 richest individuals from the world – and they all had a major presence in New York. In fact, most of the richest companies owned

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