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That’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself at least three times! I’ll answer it in detail as the year goes on and this blog expands. However, to be honest, if you haven’t asked yourself this question (or at least tried a few times) here’s why I think my answer is great:

1. This is not a photo quality competition, but a photography competition.

Most of the time you’ll hear about the highest rated photo prints in a photo site. But don’t worry—you’re not getting those photos.

What does a photo stand for? Photography? The quality of the prints (in my opinion). So how do you improve upon the photos you’re seeing? By improving your photography skills!

The good thing about photography is that you can be a good photographer and produce amazing photos no matter what the medium. And I have a lot of experience in this medium. There’s even a website built entirely around photography.

I’ll explain more down below, but I’ll also be sharing all of my best photos of the year, on an ever-expanding list of great photos.

2. Most of my favorite photography magazines are not quality photofilms.

I have many photographic magazines that are not quality photofilms (i.e. not top notch quality). All the photographs in these magazines are really great—they’re worth the few bucks you pay for a copy.

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3. If your photographer has quality talent, you’ll get better photos.

When people pay for photos they really are trying to take photos of themselves (or their loved ones) and not simply of a given space or subject area. In fact, many of the photographers on my list are photographers that I work with all the time. And I can’t stress how important it is to get your best photos when you work with a creative artist.

4. The best photos I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph are not the most expensive photos.

Most of the time, the people on my photofilm list are working photographers and are either starting out or have already built an amazing portfolio and reputation in the art world through their work. It would be a shame if you bought a very expensive photo print from the magazine that you didn’t love. There are so many great photos on this day from photography magazines that you deserve to spend a couple hundred bucks, but you won’t find the most interesting one in the print.

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