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The best people of the year go hand-in-hand with the finest, most unique, and most expensive print collection. What people really care about is the quality of their photos, not the price of the book. You will be amazed to see this quality. There are a few people that deserve the crown of best photographers, but they are:

1. James Franco

James Franco is an American actor and comedian. His photos are very influential and often get selected as the subject of great books for photography students. It’s no coincidence. James Franco has an original style, that not only can create a strong sense of individuality in his photographs, but is also able to be very funny.

2. Richard Brody

Richard Brody is a British sculptor. His sculptures have been featured by people such as Tony Soprano in his movies including Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises (2008). Richard Brody is probably one of the most unique photographers in the world, and his photos capture a sense of life and beauty that will make you fall in love with these works.

If you want a great print, go to the website “James Franco’s Photos”. Also he is a very good friend and a fellow photographer you can communicate with. He always knows which kind of prints to sell and how to work with a gallery. You can send an email to him and he’ll reply to you as soon as he can.

3. George Lucas

George Lucas is a real movie star! He is a very talented person and a professional movie maker. He has been involved in many movies, both theatrical and movie-noir, and his films have received a huge amount of acclaim. His photos are also very important, and one of his main reasons for being named one of the best photographers in the world. When you want a great print, go to the site “George Lucas’s Photos”.
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